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Sweet Pea Header


Colour: Blue Bicolor
DOB: March 1, 2005
Dam: Darlin'lil'Doll's April Showers
Sire: ChatanDoll's Rudolph

About SweetPea: Our darling Sweetpea! There is so much to say about this girl. Sweetpea is very easily one of the largest contributors in helping us to achieve what is now considered the "Darlin'lil'Dolls look". She can be found in many of our best pedigrees, and has been such an asset to us. Sweetpea for her time, was one of the most unique looking Ragdolls we had ever seen. She has huge, full face cheeks, stunning deep blue eyes beautiful little ears and the most enchanting expression. Sweetpea on top of that has such a fantastic personality - she is super intelligent and affectionate - she always answers when spoken to and never seems to run out of things to tell us! Sweetpea is the picture of perfection, and still the look we aim for even in our newer generations of breeding. We are so proud of this girl, and of the fantastic babies she produced for us over the years. Sweetpea will forever be one of our most special babies!